Thursday Special: Margarita Pizza

You have to eat lunch, so why not eat well?! This Thursday (and every Thursday!*), from 12-noon to 4pm, come and enjoy the anchor on which every great Pizza has built its fame… the famous MARGARITA PIZZA for only R29ea! Chef Claudio’s Pizza dough, Cheese mix and a special technique or two will make you […]

The Adam & Eve… Now at Pashash!

When “Gourmet” is how you describe your pizzas…  We have something special for you!  Enjoy this custom Pizza Creation from Paradise: A perfect wood-fired Foccacia, topped with Fig preserves and syrup, some Mozzarella cheeses (it is a Pizza, after all!) and the perfect mix Bacon, Blue Cheese and Rocket… …every bite is a sensation!  Only R185! […]

3 Cheese & Chilli Pizza!

Hawaiian Pizza?  Who needs the Pineapple Debate!? Enjoy a True Classic with Character! Once you have tried or Three Cheese Pizza, you will wonder why you have ever settled for anything else… A perfect wood-fired pizza, topped with the best cheese combo and just a hit of spiciness and colour… every bite is a sensation!  Only […]